Council Meeting 2nd February

WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Wymondham Town Football Club desperately need the support of all our members and everyone who attended the football clubs meeting of January 23rd. Tomorrow evening Tuesday February 2nd at the Tiffey Room, Central Hall, Wymondham 7.30pm. Wymondham Town Council will meet and either there will be a football club after that meeting or there won’t. It’s as simple as that.

It is now becoming clear from the untenable lease agreement the club has been offered and now the proposed removal of most of the play scape only installed in September 2014 at a cost of £60,000 to Wymondham tax payers that there must be something planned for the Kings Head Meadow that the Play Scape and Football Club are standing in the way of.


The board of Wymondham Town Football Club (WTFC) would like to thank all the many Wymondham residents who packed in to the football club for our meeting on whether Wymondham still wished to retain its historic football club. Since the meeting of January 23rd a lot has changed regarding the Kings Head Meadow (KHM) and negotiations regarding the new lease.

The proposed decision of Wymondham Town Council (WTC) to spend £60,000 on removing a large area of the play scape from KHM which was only opened in September 2014 would set a worrying trend to what exactly will happen to KHM. As previously stated we the board of WTFC have been presented with a take it or leave it on the new proposed lease. Our business advisers who are very successful Wymondham Business people have advised us NOT to sign the lease as it is untenable and completely unworkable. Guarantors have withdrawn from signing the lease because the lease is simply untenable. It is clear from the Council resolution that if their proposal of January 5th 2016 is not totally adhered to then the football club would be evicted very very promptly from the KHM. With no Guarantors there is simply no lease and the football club even though agreeing and signing the new lease would be evicted.

We the board and 1 other committed Wymondham person have decided to guarantee the lease ourselves to safeguard WTFC and the KHM. This is a massive responsibility and one that none of us would have wished to take on. However we feel we cannot let this council destroy Wymondham Town Football Club, The Kings Head Meadow and most of the Play Scape which is the clear objective of this council by proposing such a completely untenable and unworkable lease.

We hope for the future of Adult ladies and mens football in Wymondham that we have done the right thing and that Wymondham will support us. It is a huge further responsibility the 6 of us have taken on but we think Wymondham is worth it and we certainly wished to retain the facility for the near future for all those who have enjoyed and represented WTFC over the past 133 years.

Wymondham Town Football Club will be open from 6.45pm tomorrow evening (Tuesday) until 10pm so people can meet both before the Council meeting and after it. Please come and support your club and play scape before both have gone.

The Board

Wymondham Town Football Club