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Monthly Prize Draw

We have recently launched our Red and Black Plus Club, with the first prize draw to take place in January 2017. The Red and Black Plus Club is designed to bring a regular cash income into Wymondham Town Football Club to help fund the operating costs and improve the facilities.

Red and Black Plus Club members will be directly helping  Wymondham Town in its ambition of giving members, players and supporters the best possible conditions and will use the funds generated to do so as  well as funding the increased operating costs. All that is required is a monthly investment from you of just £5 per month per number.

The draw will take place on the 1st day of each month.

What do I need to do?

Ask for a application form from any board member, download a copy below or ask for a form from behind the bar. Return your application form to the club marked WTFC Red and Black Plus Club or hand it in at the bar.

Red and Black Plus Club– Monthly Draw

The Red and Black Plus Club membership is paid by a monthly subscription of just £5 and offers subscribers the chance to win over £100 of prize money every month.

For example Based on 50 members the Prizes would be as follows:

1st – £50     2nd – £25     3rd – £15     4th – £10   5th – £10

For example Based on 100 members the prizes would be as follows:

1st – £100     2nd – £50     3rd – £30      4th – £20   5th – £20

Every sixth and twelfth month we will introduce ‘The Lucky Loser’ draw@ of £50. This is for members who have not yet won a prize in the monthly draw.

Wymondham Town Football Club will donate £20 each month from the profits of the Red and Black Plus Club to a local charity of the winners choice.

Red and Black Plus Club Rules.

  1. The object of the club is to raise funds for Wymondham Town Football Club operating costs.
  2. The Red and Black Plus Club will be run under the supervision of two members of the Football Club Board.
  3. The Red and Black Club is open to all persons over the age of 16 years.
  4. Entry will be subscription of £5 per month per number, paid in advance either by standing order, cheque or cash.
  5. Members are allowed multiple numbers.
  6. A monthly draw will take place on the first open day of each month.
  7. All monies must be paid strictly 3 days prior to the draw or their numbers will not be entered into the draw.
  8. The relevant number of all paid up members will be entered in the draw each month.
  9. A database will be kept, recording the name and address of member, the number (s) allocated to them and the subscription received.

For more details of membership to the Red and Black Plus Club please ask behind the bar or please contact Joff Garwood.

Red & Black application form